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Appeal possible?

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I have worked for a qualifying nonprofit for 7+ years. I have made on-time payments to my student loans throughout this whole tenure. I was thrilled when I learned about PSLF because my salary is extremely low. I thought “in three more years I can be free of this student loan so I can save to buy a house or possibly have a child!”

I was devastated when I realized that my ambition to be a responsible person and pay more than the minimum for awhile has penalized me. For the first few years, as I have been informed, I was making larger payments under “nonqualifying” plans (while making a very low salary at a nonprofit.)

Is there any way I can appeal the decision that states that these payments are not eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness?

I don’t feel like I should be penalized for trying to be financially responsible before I learned about this program.

Thank you for your thoughts,