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Help finding the right provider.

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Hi there,

I’m going to be attending Chamberlain College of Nursing (DeVry’s nursing school) in May, and I’m having trouble finding a lender. After federal aid, the two years I’ll spend getting my BSN will require approx. $30,000 in direct costs and approx. $60,000 in indirect costs (living expenses and bills). Given that it’s an accelerated full time program, I simply can’t work more than about 1 day per week without putting my grades at risk.

I have poor credit but a bulletproof cosigner (high income and perfect credit). One problem I’m running into is that for whatever reason, my school isn’t on some providers’ list of eligible institutions. Another problem I’m having is that it seems like a lot of lenders aren’t willing to cover more than the cost of attendance.

Any guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated!