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Private Loans & Bankruptcy 13

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Hi Heather,

Hope all is well! I have $130,000 in student loan debt ($30,000 of which is accrued interest alone). My mom was a cosigner on my private loans and filed for Chapter 13. During this time the loan company claimed that were not able to contact my mother or myself because the loans are in a “stay” period. I never received any information regarding the payments/interest during this time which is a bit suspicious of the loan company. Can the loans still accrue interest during the bankruptcy period? My loans were originally $80,000 but here we are 6 months later and the debt is really unmanageable at $130,000 outstanding with a $1200 monthly loan payment. My loan company doesn’t offer any flexible repayment options so my hands are a bit tied. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!