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Did not receive a monthly bill for the first time from My Fed Loan

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I have been on an IBR PSLF plan since November 2012 and have received an electronic bill via email from My Fed Loan every single month until now.  They also place PDF files of the bills in my account mailbox on their website. For the first time since November 2012, I did not receive a bill via email or in my digital box on their website in February 2017 to inform me that the March 2017 payment was due.

Because I did not receive a billing statement for February it slipped my mind to set up my payment for the month of March, which was due last week. TODAY (March 16) I received an email from My Fed Loan saying my payment is a week late. I paid the bill immediately, but am concerned that now this month’s payment won’t count towards the 120-on time payments required for PSLF (thereby extending my forgiveness by a month).

Has anyone else encountered this problem?  Is there some kind of a law requiring creditors to send customers a monthly bill? I am going to try to call My Fed Loan soon, but appreciate your guidance on the matter. 

Thank you.