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FPA Retreat 2014

I enjoyed meeting many of you at the retreat in Miami!  Thank you for your interest in supporting student loan borrowers with sound financial advice.  

FPA Retreat 2014 Visual Aids and Resource List:
College Numbers Planning Slideshow from FPA Retreat 2014
Websites for more student loan information

My next online comprehensive training series is in August and I'd love to have you join us!

Comprehensive Student Loan Training for Financial Planners:
Everything you need to know to formulate tailored strategies for student loan borrowers! 

You'll learn how to: 
• inventory and identify a client’s student loans (including categorizing the loans by loan type and status) 
• recognize when and how to evaluate forbearance, deferment, discharge, or cancellation 
• understand the options and procedures for curing student loan default, 
• identify the benefits of income-driven student loan repayment plans, 
• recognize sources of student loan repayment assistance and forgiveness programs, and 
• evaluate the tax consequences related to student loan programs. 

Earn up to seven credit hours (over four 90-minute sessions).