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Professional services for financial planners

Heather makes it easy to create a custom student loan management strategy that works with your comprehensive financial plan:

  1. Establish your client’s eligibility for specific federal student loan repayment plans.
  2. Project your client’s potential to benefit from federal loan forgiveness programs.
  3. Recommend for or against federal student loan consolidation.
  4. ​Present the risks and potential benefits of private student loan refinancing.

Heather reviews everything, crunches numbers, and delivers an impressive spreadsheet.  Check out a sample here.

Heather personally explains the pros and cons of various strategies, presents key decision points, and answers all your questions in a web or phone meeting.  You decide whether you prefer Heather’s work to be behind the scenes or if you’d like Heather to present the findings directly to your client.

Heather charges a flat-rate of $500 for a single borrower or $750 for a married borrower, assuming the matter is not unusually complex.  If the case involves defaulted loans or other extraordinary circumstances, Heather will put forward an appropriate fee for your consideration.  Our practice is to request payment at the time of delivery of service.