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Major Dilemma with my new wife’s PSLF


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Dealing with a tough situation here and was hoping I can get some advice.

Last year my wife and I were married.  She is about to enter her 3 year of IBR on the PSLF program.

My wife has $100k in student loans.  Being in the public sector, the obvious move for her at the time was to apply for IBR in the PSLF program in a “run out the clock” scenario moving towards having her loans forgiven after 10 years.  Unfortunately now that we are married we are dealing with a Married Filing Separate vs Jointly problem.

My income is about $170k and I have no student loan debt.  If we were to file jointly this would dramatically increase her monthly student loan payments, however if we file separately we lose a substantial tax savings.  We are about to buy our first home and kids are only a year or two away.  I feel like this is a catch-22 situation as we either dramatically increase our student loans by filing together or lose a ton of advantages in tax savings when you have a house and kids by filing separately.  Filing separately is about the worst thing you can do in regards to taxes.

This seems like quite a unique situation given my high income and I can’t find any great advice out there.  Hoping someone here can help.  What do we do.

Thanks in advance


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I am final, I am sorry, but I suggest to go another by.