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October 31, 2012

BarMax Supports Public Interest Law

This one’s for law students and folks in legal education—

Many of you know that I borrowed a boatload of money to pay for my legal education.  Then I borrowed a boatload more to pay for an expensive bar review prep course that consisted of a bunch of books and videotaped lectures.

Why did I do this?  1) Because my law school (Go Duke!) didn’t teach me how to pass the bar exam, and 2) I didn’t really see any other options.

Today’s law students can decide not to borrow risky private student loans to pay for expensive bar review courses.  Passing the bar is a good thing, and preparation is vital, but consider your options for test preparation, factor in your learning style, and don’t assume that you should take the same dusty bar review course your grandma took.

I poked around to compare current bar exam prep courses and I got all happy when I found BarMax.  BarMax was founded by Harvard Law grads who saw the need for high-quality and affordable bar exam review courses. 

I asked real nice and BarMax let me evaluate their course for free.  My opinion is that BarMax is fabulous!  I’m especially impressed by the clear and comprehensive subject outlines, the personalized essay feedback, and their phenomenal bar passage rates.  The fact that BarMax is accessible all the time on my sexy iPad is a bonus.

The folks at BarMax support public interest law by offering a big discount for people with public interest positions, and they have agreed to offer a 25 percent special discount for my peeps!  Boo yah! 

Oh and BarMax gives away BarMax MPRE for FREE.  I like free.

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