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February 8, 2011

Financial Aid Offices at the Breaking Point:  Students Getting Less Face-to-Face Counseling

Students are getting less one-on-one assistance from their financial aid offices even as their financial aid professionals are working harder than ever. In the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators’ (NASFAA) recent survey, 90 percent of financial aid administrators report that they have fewer resources available to provide critical student services including student loan repayment counseling. Two in three financial aid administrators said their office was facing a “moderate” or “severe” resource…

By Heather  |  Category:  Student Debt  

January 26, 2011

Introducing Heather Jarvis, Student Loan Ranger

Student loans, loan repayment plans, and loan forgiveness programs are overly complicated. Borrowers have important decisions to make about consolidation and repayment plans soon after graduation, and don’t have the time and expertise to get through all the red tape alone. They need clear, accessible information in plain English to guide their decisions. Over the years, I have spoken to thousands of heavily indebted students and recent graduates. These folks are some of the brightest people around. Even so, many feel overwhelmed trying to…

By Heather  |  Category:  Student Debt  
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