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September 25, 2011

Film Review - Default: The Student Loan Documentary

The overwhelming majority of student loan borrowers are working hard to meet their financial obligations.   Life is full of unanticipated twists and turns, everybody gets sick sometimes, and it’s just not true that if you work hard, you’ll always get ahead.

Default: The Student Loan Documentary demonstrates how student debt can be hard to manage, especially for people who face underemployment, unemployment or illness.  This 27 minute documentary chronicles the stories of student loan borrowers, and explores the dire consequences of student loan default, one borrower at a time. 

The film shines a light on the difficultly particularly private student loan borrowers face -- sky high penalties and fess, uncapped variable interest rates, and bankruptcy laws specially designed to favor private lenders.

My sincere thanks to Default: The Student Loan Documentary film team for showing us all the faces of student loan borrowers struggling to manage the financial consequences of our debt based system of higher education funding. 


By Heather | Category: Student Debt  
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