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May 13, 2014

Heather Joins ABA Task Force to Address Legal Education Costs

The American Bar Association announced last week that it has formed a new task force to examine the costs of obtaining a legal education in the United States.  The ABA Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education is charged with looking at the cost of legal education for students, the financing of law schools, student loans and educational debt.  It will also consider current practices of law schools regarding the use of merit scholarships, tuition discounting and need-based aid.  Heather will join 13 esteemed colleagues on the task force to address this important issue.

“As law school tuitions and educational debt loads increase at the same time employment opportunities for recent graduates are constrained, the ABA needs to lead a thorough examination of the financing of legal education and law schools,” American Bar Association President James R. Silkenat said. “Members of the ABA Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education will conduct a comprehensive study of the complex economic and political issues involved and produce sound recommendations to inform policymakers throughout the legal community.”

To learn more about the ABA Task Force on the Financing of Legal Education, click here.


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